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 A Modern Approach To Mental Health

Danielle miller Hajdini, lcsw



Family Mind Wellness is an online space committed to helping women and families everywhere make the connection between healthy lifestyle choices and wellness of the mind.  

Founded by Danielle Miller Hajdini, LCSW, Family Mind Wellness is built on a few core beliefs that encourage us all to listen to one another, learn, teach and ultimately heal one another. 

We believe knowledge is power and when women gain insightful information they spread it like wildfire. We believe this is why women will change the narrative around mental health. We believe most people are doing the best they know how to do. We passionately believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself given the right tools. We believe every individual can learn strategies and techniques to undo negative thoughts, overwhelming feelings and harmful behaviors. We believe change is always possible but change comes from hard work. We believe in being human – daily exercise, a consistent sleep routine, strong social connections, time spent in nature, and eating whole foods that nourish the brain and body.

Simply put –  We believe in the whole person.

Listen. Teach. Heal.

We are all about connection here. Connecting ideas. Connecting choices. Connecting people.  Food. Brain health. Movement. The ups and downs of parenting. Relationships. Nature. Sharing stories. Sleep. Truth. Communication. How you think. The way you feel. Behavior. Motherhood. Womanhood. Family. We value all the parts of you. Wander through the site. Learn as much as you can. Share as much as you can. 


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